Raihan JIbon
03. Aug. 2022
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Case Is Nearly 30%, and It Has Become a Blue-Green Battleground? Tsai Ing-Wen: I Can No Longer Sit Idly by the Art of Historians: There Is a Science That Requires Us to Combine the Study of the Dead with the Study of the Living. What Should We Call It? [Illustration] to Respect "Body Autonomy", We Should All Learn from Cats Analysis of Twitter's 2021q4 Revenue: Advertising Revenue Does Not Have the Capital to Compete with Facebook, Can It Rely on the Subscription System to Make a Breakthrough? [Film Review] Nolan's "The Dark Knight" Trilogy: Heroes Are Not Just Physical Manifestations, Everyone Can Be Batman Favorite Articlessubscribe to This Author Tags: Mobile Workstation Thinkpad P1 Lenovo Aston Martin Nvidia Become a Member and Speak Your Mind on the Critical Review Network Become a Member and Speak Your Mind on the Critical Review Network National Taiwan University Student Union's Welcome Leaflet Caught in Local Language Controversy: "President's Words" Were Criticized for Being Presented in Taiwanese, and the President Emphasized That Taiwan Is a Multilingual executive list Country 1 Point of View Guo Mingzheng, the Outgoing President of National Chengchi University, Talks About the Controversy of Political Papers: Taiwan Places Too Much Emphasis on Papers, and It Is Impossible for Young People to Have Great Ideas 2 Points of View the 1st National Party Congress of the 20th Dpp Was Held at the Taipei International Convention Center on the 17th. President Tsai Ing-Wen (6th from Left), Who Is Also the Chairman of the Dpp, and President Su Zhenchang (6th from Right) Led the County Mayor Candidates Raised Their Arms and Shouted Slogans. Photo by Central News Agency Reporter Xu Zhaochang July 17, 111 in 2016, I Voted for the Dpp for the President, Legislators, and Political Parties, and Now I Can No Longer Find a Reason to Escort Me 1 Point of View Change the Track,
 Status of Women. However, with the Changes of the Times content media